Josh Rogoff Fantasy Hockey Team End Of Year Roundup

Well folks (I don’t know who the hell would be reading this, but), the NHL’s regular season has come to a close, which means fantasy hockey is done for the year. For the first time, I managed 2 different teams. Both leagues were weekly head-to-head style. For hockey, I prefer rotisserie. Alas, I am too lazy to make my own league, so I was stuck with what others prefer. Overall, I would call this year a resounding success. Read on, if you dare, for a full breakdown of my teams and results!

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CAMBRIDGE – 9:00 PM – INTERMEDIATE (C), with Pete the Ref

Every monday for the past 6 months, at 9 pm (and often also at 10), I played hockey at the simoni skating rink in cambridge. It will undoubtedly be one of my favorite memories about living here. Having the skate to look forward to every week made my mondays way better than most people’s. The rink is only open during the winter, though, and tonight was the last time I will likely ever play there. Here is a horrible picture I took of it on my way out:


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Introducing kookieBot 1

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I would like to introduce my latest robot: kookieBot 1!

kookieBot 1 is a remotely controlled robot that will have the ability to drive around and shoot cat toys at my cat, or anyone, I suppose. It will be able to be controlled from a computer, and will have a camera mounted on the front of it. In an attempt to bore you all to tears, I am going to be as detailed as I can about the concept and progress of the project. I will place videos and pictures strategically to keep your attention. You will now continue to read about how I plan on executing this task. Continue reading Introducing kookieBot 1

an open letter to my “spot saving” neighbor

my street in cambridge is considered an “emergency snow route”. as a result, any time a lot of snow is in the forecast, everyone must find a spot on another street. the entire city is permit parking, and everyone in the neighborhood has a permit. during the most recent storm, i got home late, and had to park a few blocks from my apartment.

fast forward to tonight. i got home from work and found a spot that someone had shoveled out right across the street from my apartment. i took it. this note was subsequently left on my windshield:


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cat-eye cages are not worth it

monday night i played 2 games in a row. early in the first game, the very first shot, in fact, hit me square in the face. not my actual face, but the cage in front of my face. it was a really good wrist shot from maybe 20 feet out. it was close enough and fast enough for my reaction to be non-existent. i waited for ringing in my ears, stars in my eyes, any sign of pain, but there was nothing. the result was a dull *thunk* and the puck safely in the corner. i finished the game giving up seven goals, but overall being very satisfied with my performance.

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